Programmes de soutien et de mise en réseau

- 100 Resilient Cities
Rome is part of the Rockfeller Foundation program on resilient cities since 2014 for a duration of 2 years. The goal of the plan is to reverse decades of poorly regulated development and the management of informal housing neighborhoods, inadequate infrastructure provision, and sprawl. Rome is highly vulnerable to flooding and other disruptions, but also includes large expanses of still viable rural land and natural reserves. Its planners are focused on transforming these assets in order to maintain and protect the environment and build long-term resilience to shocks and stresses.

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- Smart mature resilience
The project Smart mature resilience is a Horizon 2020 EU funded programme gathering different research centres in Europe Norway, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Spain, Denmark and Latvia. It contributes to the priority axis of EU concerning the “Disaster-resilience”. The objective of the program is to develop instruments for the local governments in order to improve the cities’ resilience. A particular attention is given to the elaboration of resilience indicators for the cities evaluation.

Études climatiques urbaines

As part of the 100 Resilient cities programme, the municipality of Rome, in partnership with several institutions, has carried out a series of territorial diagnosis on the definition of vulnerable areas.

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Climatic risk evaluation in Rome through climatic simulations at very high resolution

Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Changes


Federica Gatta

Relevant meteoric events and resilience

Urban planning department of the municipality of Rome, Environmental protection department of the Italian Civil Protection, Italian geologic service


Federica Gatta

Climatic vulnerability plan of Rome 1.0

Roma Tre University, National Agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable development


Federica Gatta

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