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MC3 at the Convergences World Forum

— 24 August 2016, by Hubert Mazurek

MC3 will lead, september 5, 2pm, at the Palais Brongnard, a Round Table during the "Convergences World Forum" on the theme "Building the city in times of climatic change"

This round table directed at a well-informed audience will address three main questions:
-  What are the challenges surrounding the relationship between climate change and urban planning in the Mediterranean?
-  How to face these challenges? What measures to take? What means to propose?
-  How to coordinate sustainable cities development policies in the Mediterranean?

These questions are addressed to guests from the political, scientific and entrepreneurial worlds.
Already scheduled, representatives of:
-  Jean-Louis Guigou, President d’IPEMED
- Mohamed Idaomar, President of Medcities, Maire de Tétouan
-  Florence Rosa, Presidente Envirobat

Convergences World Forum, Palais Brongnard, Paris, 2pm