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The Mediterranean Region Under Climate Change

— 16 December 2016, by Hubert Mazurek

A book presented by AllEnvi at the COP22. There is an article of MC3 on climatic measure systems.

The research alliance AllEnvi at the COP22

the Mediterranean facing climate change

Since science is a key element to face climate change challenges, by generating knowledge and solutions, a number of French research organisations as well as their partners in the field of environment are rallying together for the COP22.

The members of the national research alliance for the environment (AllEnvi) publish, as part of the COP22 held in Marrakech on the 7th-18th of November 2016, an exceptional summary book. The Mediterranean facing climate change - the current state of research presents an inventory of high-quality scientific research on climate change, its consequences, and the mitigation and adaptation solutions specific to the Mediterranean, which is one of the most exposed region in the world.

This book, also requested by the Moroccan authorities, attests to the considerable mobilization of more than 150 authors - decision-makers, scientists, researchers, scholars - from both sides of the Mediterranean, to understand the mechanisms underlying climate change today and in the past; the impacts of climate change on the environment, the economy, the health, and the societies; but also to propose answers, based on scientific facts in terms of adaptation, resilience, resource conservation or risk prevention.
This work gathers together a large scientific community, which has been studying the subject for years to account for the complexity of the Mediterranean following a perspective of disciplinary decompartmentalization.

This book is accessible in pdf version