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Piano adattamento città di Bologna

Commune di Bologna, partnered with ARPA Emilia-Romagna (regional Environment Agency), Kyoto Club, and Ambiente Italia, with contributions from LIFE+

BLUE AP (Bologna Local Urban Environment Adaptation Plan for a Resilient City) is a LIFE+ project developed between 2012 and 2015 for the implementation of an Adaptation Plan to Climate Change for the Municipality of Bologna, providing for some concrete local measures to test, in order to make the city more resilient and able to meet the climate change challenges. The BLUE AP planning and testing actions developed in the city of Bologna will lead to the creation of guidelines useful for the definition of similar adaptation plans, that can be adopted by other medium-size Italian cities. Bologna is the pilot-city that, first in Italy, faces climate changes with the appropriate strategies.

The strategy is based on three principal objectives :
• Promote and support the action of the EU States Members (among them 19 are currently adopting an adaptation strategy).
• Promote the adaptation in particularly vulnerable sectors in order to encourage EU to promote assurances and governmental schemes of risk coverage in case of natural catastrophes.
• Guide and inform the decision processes through a better knowledge of adaptation.

The definition of the climatic plan is accompanied by a series of pilot actions helping administration and citizens to front heath island effects, drought, floods and other climate change consequences.
The principal pilot actions concern :
• The water recycling and management.
• The intensification of urban vegetation.
• The promotion of urban agriculture and the citizens participation to green areas management.
• the greening and permeabilization of public squares and public buildings.
• The use of TIC for information on pollution and public health.

Margaretha Breil & Katie Johnson, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei (FEEM)
October 2015

Bologna città resiliente. Sostenibilità energetica e adattamento ai cambiamenti climatici

Urban Center Bologna
May 2016

This document describes Bologna’s adaptation and mitigation plans.

Giovanni Fini and Jérémy Garniaux


The BlueAP project is coordinated by the Municipality of Bologna.

The partners for the technical development are :
- Ambiente Italia : environmental consultancy organization
- ARPA Emilia Romagna : regional agency for environmental prevention
- Kyoto Club : NGO specialized on awareness and formation in the field of energy and mobility

Études climatiques urbaines

Profilo climatico locale. Analisi delle vulnerabilità all’impatto dei cambiamenti climatici.

Bologna Municipality

Local climatic profile is the main instrument for the analysis of climatic variability and the consequent development of adaptation measures. Its offers a knowledge of the territorial vulnerabilities and of the projections for the next ten years.

The document is composed of a climatic analysis of the Emilia-Romagna region with researches on the urban area of Bologna on which models for the prevision of the next ten years are applied.
In the second part the territory is analyzed from the point of view of the soil and identifying the major vulnerabilities emerging from the climatic projections : heath waves, water deficiency and hydrogeological instability.
The analysis are also combined with the population data and the resilience potentialities.

Federica Gatta
November 2015

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