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A research network around the Mediterranean

The network “MC3”, standing for Mediterranean Cities and Climate Change, brings together organisations of the Mediterranean basin – research institutions, observatories, operational structures… - that are dedicated on the one hand to urban design, planning or management, and to climate measurements and studies in urban systems on the other.

With an important urban concentration on both rims of the Mediterranean, it is important, following the recommendations of UN-Habitat and of the IPCC, to assess the urban contribution to climate change and the impact of this change on urban practices. Few systems exist to measure climate in cities and few projects are focused on the understanding of the relationships between climate change and urban practices.

The MC3 network intends to produce an assessment of the current knowledge and measuring devices at the interface between climate change and urbanism. Four objectives are addressed:

  • To encourage the exchange of experiences between various organisations taking part in the network, and to develop new research projects;
  • To develop strategies that will address institutional relationships between the network’s members, on subjects related to climate change and urbanism;
  • To renew and expand the mechanisms for observation and knowledge of cities on the basis of a focused agenda;
  • To generate a positive momemtum towards the development of an Euromediterranean research project related to this theme.

The agenda essentially focuses on the scientific coordination, and on the organisation of exchanges between the various participating institutions. From the initial core group of institutions, the first task will be to extend the network and to build a collaborative web tool. In the second task, we will explore the different measuring systems of climate change; and the urbanistic tools and innovations in a third task. The last duty will be to develop a synthesis aimed at highlighting the Mediterranean characteristics in the interface climate change / urbanism.

The team

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Head of project, Scientific coordinator : Hubert Mazurek, ecologist and geographer

Project manager : Jérémy Garniaux, geographer
jeremy DOT garniaux AT univ-amu DOT fr

Research fellow : Élodie Briche, geographer and climatologist
elodie DOT briche AT univ-amu DOT fr

Secretary of Edition : Laura Collange, urbanist
laura DOT collange AT free DOT fr

Research fellow : Debra Pereira, environmental sociologist
pereira DOT debra AT yahoo DOT es

The english translations are made by Eleonore Guillem
_eleonore DOT guillem AT gmail DOT com

Research fellow : Federica Gatta, architect and urban planner is now Asociate Profesor in the University pf Grenoble
federica DOT gatta AT univ-amu DOT fr

Postal address :

Aix Marseille Université
LPED - UMR 151, case 10
3, place Victor Hugo
13331 - Marseille Cedex 3

This work is part of the A*MIDEX project (number ANR-11-IDEX-0001-02) funded by the French Government’s Investments for the Future programme (programme d’Investissements d’Avenir), and distributed by the National Research Agency.

How to join the MC3 Network

Any public or private institution can participate in the network, provided that it engages in feeding the website with appropriate documentation, and in analysing these documents with a thematic or cross-cutting approach.
This participation can be formalised by means of the attached letter of commitment, at the individual or institutional level.

Letter of Commitment

The type of information requested by MC3 for its web database is provided in the guide below:

Guide to collect information

The following organisations have already firmed the letter of commitment:

  • Air PACA - GREC PACA: Association pour la Qualité de l’Air de la Région PACA qui s’occupe du groupement GREC (Groupe Régional d’Experts pour le Climat)
  • LABEX OT-MED: Objectif Terre - Méditerranéen, LABEX regroupement 15 laboratoire de recherche de la région PACA
  • National Observatory Athens
  • MEDCOP21: la COP21 (puis 22) de la région Méditerranéenne
  • Plan Bleu pour la Méditerranée
  • Technical University of Istanbul
  • Université de Sfax


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